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Yummy 1978 Mercedes-Benz Automobile

1978 Mercedes-Benz Automobile. The 1978 mercedes 450sel 6.9l was among the fastest and most expensive sedans produced at the time, and are still regarded as one of the finest cars that they have ever produced. What engine is in 1978 mercedes benz c107 450 slc?

Concept Flashback – 1978 Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000 Concept Is Fastback Aero Limo10 from

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2307 Cm3 / 140.7 Cui, Advertised Power:

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How Much Does A 1978 Mercedes Benz C107 450 Slc Weighs?

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The 1978 mercedes benz c107 450 slc has 228 ps / 225 bhp / 168 kw. Mercedes benz 1978 280ce coupe this car is a high performance fully optioned luxury car for the late 70’s boasting 137kw @ 6000 rpm from its 2.8 litre twin overhead cam inline 6 cylinder complemented with the latest 4 speed auto technology of its time, sure to leave all the other competition in it class in clouds of smoke! 2746 cm3 / 167.9 cui, advertised power:

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115 Kw / 154 Hp / 156 Ps ( Din ), Torque:

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